NEW REGISTRATION FOR MVP SOCCER: MVP Soccer and Basketball has purchased a new paperless program for registrations called TeamSideline.  All registrations must be done online.  We will no longer have a paper registration form.  Credit Card payments can be processed online or you can still drop off a check to the church office, on registration nights, or at your first practice.

Because this is a new program, the information that was in our previous database did not transfer over.  So, everyone, including coaches and volunteers, will need to go to the new site and register with their up-to-date information.

The process is a little different than what we have had in the past, but the potential for this system is incredible.  There are communication tools, scheduling tools, and other benefits to make our registration, communication, and administration easier long term.

We will be offering a computer in the church office that can be used for the registration process if you do not have access to register online.  We will also be offering 2 Registration Nights on Aug 16th & 20th from 4-7:30 at the church.  We will have computers set up to take registrations, and staff will be on hand to assist you.

Below are detailed instructions for registering.  If you feel comfortable following the directions on the registration page, you may go directly to that page and follow the prompts:

Our New Registration Process: (Download & Print These Instructions)

Step 1:  Click on the link at the bottom of this page to create a TeamSideline account as the Parent or Guardian.  – This account is what you will use from season to season anytime you need to register for any sport.  It will also be the login you will use to go in and view game schedules and calendar information.

Step 2: Add Members to your account. –  Please add additional parents/guardians here and this is also where you will add each player individually.

Step 3: Enroll your entries. –  (this is where you actually enroll the kids & volunteers)

Parents:  If you are a parent or guardian and you are planning to volunteer as a coach or assistant coach, please enroll yourself.  If you are unable to volunteer then go to the Players section below.  Enrollee select Parent you are registering to volunteer. If either or both parents are interested in volunteering to help the team, you can register them under Enrollment Type: Volunteer, Program: MVP Soccer – Fall 2018, Offering: the division you would like to work with, Enrollment Selection: coach or assistant coach.  Add Enrollment.   A box will pop up that tells you to close it and either add another enrollment or proceed to check out.

Players: Enrollee select player you are registering.  Enrollment Type: Player, Program: MVP Soccer – Fall 2018, Offering: the division they will be playing in Add Enrollment   A box will pop up that tells you to close it and either add another enrollment or proceed to check out.

Step 4:  Your Cart: You will see at the bottom of the screen your cart, in it will be each volunteer and player you have registered and the cost for the registration.  THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE UNIFORM COST associated with new players that need a uniform.  That will be later in the registration.

Step 5: Proceed to Checkout –

Parents:  If you have a volunteer this will take you to the screen to give a shirt size for his coach’s shirt and will ask what night the volunteer is unable to practice (if any) it will also give you a link to download our background check if we do not already have one on file you can complete and turn it in at the Coach’s Meeting (Aug 23 at 7PM).  Check the Agreement and click Next.

Players: Complete the Information the items with an * are required entries.

Step 6: Add on to this enrollment – This section is where you will order the uniforms for your player.  If you need a uniform click on the Yes box and proceed to select the sizes you need.  If you already have the red, white, and blue uniforms you do not need to reorder so leave the box blank and proceed to the next step.

Step 7:  Medical Authorization & Photo Release – Click the box that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions.  If you do not agree to these, please leave the box blank and talk with an MVP staff person at your first practice.

Step 8: Checkout – You can verify your cart is correct.  The cost is $35 for all payers and an additional $45 if you need a uniform.  You select your payment method, Check or credit card, then confirm and your payment will be process and you will receive a confirmation by email.  If you are unable to pay the entire amount, we request you cover the cost of the uniform + $5 towards the registration fee.  (totaling $50)  If you are unable to pay that amount, please select the check option at checkout and contact Jennifer Tyler at the church office (865-577-1954 or to work out payment arrangements.

Sign Out

Please be patient with us, this is a new system and we are still learning how things work.  We will do our best to help with any issues and answer any questions.  We know this process will take a little longer, but future registrations should be fairly easy as all the information will carry over from season to season.